The Real News / 24 May 2017

The Real News Network (http://therealnews Real News Network / TRNN is a grassroots alternative video media outlet covering an extraordinary range of issues and presents an amazing and unique breadth of academics, activists, authors, experts, journalists, NGOs and individuals.the real news network

Gila Mimbres Community Radio / KURU 89.1 FM is
the very first Community Radio Station in the nation
to present content from The Real News Network

GMCR / KURU broadcasts and webcasts The Real News on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. The program is a one hour magazine format with a selection of their current, news, analysis and commentary.

Or listen at your convenience via the following links…

  • FBI Investigations Are Conducted at the Discretion of its Director (http://therealnews
    White Collar criminologist Bill Black explains the history and dynamics of FBI investigations, which show that they are not as unstoppable or unimpeachable as they are being made out to be.
  • Vickie Cooper / The Violence of Austerity & GE2017 (http://therealnews
    Co-author of new book ‘The Violence of Austerity’, Vickie Cooper talks housing, social policy and the ongoing pain inflicted on marginalised groups since the financial crisis, ahead of GE2017.
  • Supreme Court Strikes Down Racial Gerrymandering in North Carolina (http://therealnews
    Kamau Franklin of the Atlanta Black Star says a Supreme Court ruling that North Carolina unlawfully used race in redrawing Congressional maps is a blow to racial gerrymandering across the United States.
  • Record Iran Vote Turnout Gives Rouhani a Big Mandate (http://therealnews
    Middle East analyst Ehsan Abdoh Tabrizi says that while Iran President Hassan Rouhani remains limited in impacting the country’s foreign policy, his landslide re-election gives him a significant opportunity for domestic reforms.
  • Trump Budget Slashes Vital Programs to Enrich the Wealthy (http://therealnews
    Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research says President Donald Trump’s new budget makes unprecedented cuts to already subpar levels of social assistance and “redistributes upward” to wealthy Americans.

Though our broadcast of The Real News is limited to 1 hour, we’d also like to share these additional features with you which can be viewed via the following links…

  • John Pilger: Julian Assange is Cleared of Rape Allegations, but Far From Free (http://therealnews
    Filmmaker and journalist John Pilger says Swedish authorities should be ’embarrassed’ for pursuing what he called trumped up accusations against Assange and also how journalists are increasingly targeted as enemies of the state.
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