The Real News / 25 July 2018

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GMCR / KURU broadcasts and webcasts The Real News on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. The program is a one hour magazine format with a selection of their current, news, analysis and commentary.

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  • Julian Assange’s Asylum to be Rescinded (https://therealnews
    Since Julian Assange is now an Ecuadorian citizen, President Moreno must protect his rights, says Alfred de Zayas, former UN independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order
  • Michael Hudson: Argentina’s New $50 Billion IMF Loan Is Designed to Replay its 2001 Crisis (https://therealnews
    The recently elected neoliberal government of Mauricio Macri has decided to seek a $50 billion IMF credit line, which will only enable more capital flight for the upper class and greater unpayable debt for the rest of the population, says the economist Michael Hudson
  • Africa is a Creditor to the World (https://therealnews
    Capital flight from Africa, especially the illicit kind, is a far larger drain on the countries of the continent than previously thought and exceeds foreign loans and investment flows. PERI’s Leonce Ndikumana discusses his research findings
  • As Netanyahu Brags of Killing Iran Deal, Where’s The Outcry? p2x2 (https://therealnews
    As the U.S. ramps up anti-Iran efforts, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been filmed bragging about convincing Trump to abandon the Iran nuclear deal. Amid widespread concern over foreign meddling, why has Netanyahu’s claim been mostly ignored? We speak to Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council
  • From the Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Norwegian Socialist Politician Calls for Sanctions on Israel (https://therealnews
    Mikkel Gruner, member of the city council of Bergen, Norway, says Europe has reached a “watershed” moment for Palestinian rights

Though our broadcast of The Real News is limited to 1 hour, we would also like to provide these additional features via the following links.

  • 2020 Census: The Hidden Agenda Behind Trump’s Citizenship Question (https://therealnews
    TRNN Replay: The Trump administration wants to include a citizenship status question on the census form, which would allow officials to create a list of supposedly alien voters that they would challenge in the 2020 election. Citizens have until August 7 to challenge the question with the Commerce Department
  • Trump Threatens Iran, But He’s Already At War p1x2 (https://therealnews
    With a bellicose tweet from Trump and a growing meddling campaign to squeeze Iran’s economy, the U.S. is trying to make the Iranian people suffer into submission, says Trita Parsi
  • Saudis Buy Former UK Prime Minister Blair for $12 Million (https://therealnews
    Tony Blair is available as a mercenary to modernize Saudi Arabia for $12 million, but not only that, China and oil companies have also hired him says Medea Benjamin, the author of Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection
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