The Radio Report / Content Is King!

Welcome to The Radio Report hosted by Frances Trotta.  Frances continues her conversation with Kyle Johnson – Secretary / Treasurer of GMCR – on the choices and character of the content on GMCR.

Since its inception, GMCR has proposed a combination of music, arts and culture as the primary content it presents in its 24/7 schedule and to include a significant amount of public affairs programming, local, national and international news, Spanish language programs and locally produced content.

GMCR now presents two live DJs, live and pre-recorded regularly scheduled programs produced by members, additional content produced by GMCR, content obtained from two affiliates and multiple music programs in a range of genres from Jazz to Country to Blues, R&B, Latin, Gospel, Folk and, of course, Pop music.

The Radio Report airs

  • Monday and Wednesday at 8am
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm
  • and Saturdays at 12:15pm

Archives of previous programs are at this link
Or listen to this program anytime via the link below
The Radio Report… Content Is King!

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