What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is the means by which your business or organization, or you as an
individual, can reach the listenership of GMCR, to make them aware of your
enterprise, its purpose, goods, services, features and contact information, as well
as declaring your financial support for Community Radio. That support can be in
the form of cash, goods, and/or services.

Why Underwrite?

In the commercial environment, “It pays to advertise” is a commonly accepted
business philosophy.  On the non-commercial end of the spectrum, the
equivalent to advertising is referred to as underwriting.

Underwriting enhances the image of businesses, organizations, and individuals by
their association with Gila / Mimbres Community Radio and in turn, the
station’s listeners, members and other supporters.

Underwriters are acknowledged and thanked by GMCR during non-commercial
“underwriting announcements” on air and on the station’s website.

We would be happy to discuss this with you, answer your questions and work out an appropriate and affordable underwriting program for your organization or business.

Please contact Monica Rude or Carolyn Smith at