Earth Matters / 2014 NM Legislature – Week 3

Earth Matters continues its coverage of the 2014 NM Legislature with host Allyson Siwik in Santa Fe once again to interview NM State Senator Howie Morales, Molly Brook of Conservation Voters of NM, Dan Lormer, lobbbyist for the Sierra Club and last but not least our local chapter of NM Wild Friends from Guadalupe Montessori School here in Silver City who traveled to the Round House to testify in support of Senator Morales’ memorial opposing trophy poaching.

SB 89 – introduced by Senator Peter Wirth and cosponsored by Senator Morales – would required that available AWSA monies be allocated for non-diversion projects along the Gila River and is scheduled for the Conservation Committee while a slew of bills have been introduced by an array of latter day Sagebrush Rebellionists promoting the surrender of US public lands to the state of New Mexico which could then exploit and develop them in keeping with a pro-corporate agenda.

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Earth Matters / 2014 NM Legislature – Week 3

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