In this week’s edition of Earth Matters, co-producer Nathan Newcomer interviews local community members involved with the Butterfly Way Project, a habitat restoration in the Gila River Valley dedicated to the memory of Michael Sebastian Mahl, Ella Jaz Kirk, and Ella Sala Myers.

Butterfly Way is located on The Nature Conservancy property along the riverine corridor of the Gila River, in Southwestern New Mexico, promoting an increase in the diversity of native plant hosts for butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators.

Nathan’s guests are

  • Dr Dale Zimmerman
    WNMU Professor Emeritus of Botany
  • Raven Meyers
    Student Entomologist
  • Mark Cantrell
    Co-owner of Lone Mountain Native Plants
  • Carol Fugagli
    Butterfly Way Project Manager
  • Patrice Mutchnick
    Project Fundraiser, Conservationist and mother of Ella Jaz Kirk

Their objectives are to create lasting beauty by increasing floral and faunal diversity, improving critical habitat for sustaining Monarch butterfly populations and providing a place for research and study of the role of pollinators and their native plant hosts.

Learn more about this effort and how you can support and participate in it by visiting

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