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Tuesday Morning Beat

Tuesday Morning Beat with Citizens’ Climate Lobby 05/28/24

Ms. Martinez DelRio zeroes in on CCL’s work to educate and inform legislators on both sides of the aisle to decrease carbon emissions, promote alternatives to fossil fuel extraction and use.  She explains the strategies of carbon dividend fees, and the Prove It Act (Providing Reliable, Objective, Verifiable Emissions Intensity and Transparency) the bill that would require the Energy Department to study the amount of carbon pollution released in the […]

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Kindred Continuum

New Earth Kids: San Lorenzo & Hurley Elementary Schools Journey Through the Food System

Host Nan Franzblau accompanies students as they discover where food comes from and apply this knowledge to their own experiences.  Beginning with the creation of soil, the sprouting of seeds and the water cycle that nourishes those seeds, students learn how plants grow, make more seeds, provide food, and how that food gets from the fields to our forks.  Representatives from several local non-profits help guide the young participants, who […]

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Tuesday Morning Beat

Tuesday Morning Beat with guest Joanne DeMichele 05/21/24

Tuesday Morning Beat host Maree McHugh speaks with Joanne DeMichele about fair practices for people living in manufactured home communities (MHC). Ms. DeMichele is actively advocating to protect these communities from predatory real estate practices and to preserve affordable, and secure housing for those living in MHC. Her report tells the compelling story of thousands of homeowners who face loss of home and community as real estate investors are buying […]

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Local Flavor

Local Flavor – Gila Centennial

On today's show, Raul, George, and Ken are joined by Dr. Rosser and are later joined by Martha Egnal to discuss the upcoming Gila Centennial celebrations

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Local Flavor

Local Flavor – 05/17/24

In the first hour, Scott Plate, Montelius Valenzuela, and Caesar Acosta will discuss the one-man show "Tom Payne." In the second hour, Heidi Ogas, head of the High Desert Humane Society, Tim Altridge, former District Judge, and Allyson Siwik, director of GRIP (Gila Resources Information Project), will join us.

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Local Flavor

Local Flavor – 05/16/24

In the first hour, Matt Runnels, candidate for Grant County Magistrate Judge, will be our guest. In the second hour, Alexandra Tager, Director of Cultural Affairs at WNMU, will discuss Fiesta Latina.

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Local Flavor

Local Flavor – 05/10/24

In the first hour, Mary Stone and Stephen Lindsey, coordinators for Blues Fest 2024, will join us. In the second hour, Bart Roselli, Director of the Silver City Museum, and Roger Tree, Director of WILL (Western Institute for Lifelong Learning), will discuss their collaborative Community Conversation series.

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