Kindred Continuum

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Covering our relationship to nature, the creation of a more beautiful world for us all, indigenous issues, and the place where art and social justice meet.

Kindred Continuum features four hosts rotating throughout the month: 

1st Monday: Interconnect with Kirsten Lundgren

Using interviews, the written word, and songs, Interconnect is a multi-faceted, exploratory show to help us remember ancient ways and fuse them in our modern world. Focusing on land stewardship, food, medicine, and more, we’ll give insights and tools to re-weave our interconnected web with Earth around us in a regenerative and healing way, always remembering that we’re all one.

2nd Monday: Poetry Bread Presents with Sam Castello

An exploration of the spoken word. Join us as we listen to poets, artists and community in their own words. We’ll share poems, prose, short stories, tall tales, speeches, and more as we listen to the poetic voices that shape our community

3rd Monday: Mountain Spirit Radio with KK

Join KK and guests as they bring listeners a variety of Native music, and raise awareness through engaging interviews on topics relating to Indigenous culture, language, history, environmental stewardship and current events from the Traditional Land of the Chiricahua and Warm Springs Apaches. Discover the many ways the Nde and surrounding communities are building bridges to move toward healing the collective for the wellness of all people.

4th Monday: Open Slot

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