Earth Matters co-producer and Gila Resources Information Project director Allyson Siwik talks to Peter Russell and Earth Matters co-producer and Upper Gila Watershed Alliance director Donna Stevens, both members of Peaceful Gila Skies, about the Holloman Air Force Base expansion of its F-16 pilot training airspace across southern New Mexico.

Although the Air Force acknowledges that current airspace is adequate for F-16 combat training, it would like to add more– enough to support an additional 10,000 training sorties per year for low-level, high-level, supersonic and nighttime training along with discharge of 15,000 flares and 15,000 bundles of chaff annually.

Holloman has released its
Hollomon F-16 Draft Environmental Impact Statement – Full

and will be holding public hearings on its proposed alternatives starting December 2 in Socorro, December 3 in Truth or Consequences, December 4 in Silver City and December 5 in Las Cruces.

Peaceful Gila Skies is a coalition of business and community leaders, conservation groups, sportsmen, veterans, concerned citizens, united in the goal of protecting the Gila Region from military aircraft training.

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Earth Matters / Holloman Draft Environmental Impact Statement