Community Spotlight / WNMU Eco Sustainability Club

Community Spotlight is hosted by Carolyn Smith – Community Outreach Coordinator for the Silver City Food Coop and this week’s program features Jessie Gauthier of the WNMU Eco-Sustainability Club.

The Eco-Sustainability Club began last semester with the consideration of a single issue – the use of bleached white non-recycled paper on the campus.  A few students took up the challenge of examining this single issue – and that unlike college campuses throughout the country, that there was NO recycling program at WNMU – and it has now expanded to include a broad range of recycling issues and is now working toward instituting a campus wide, comprehensive recycling program.

Community Spotlight airs regularly on Tuesday and Thursday following News @ Noon and Saturday mornings at 10:30. Or you can click below to listen to this episode of
Community Spotlight / WNMU Eco-Sustainability Club

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