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Militarization of Our Skies with Carol Miller of Peaceful Skies Coalition

Earth Matters co-producer and Gila Resources Executive Director Allyson Siwik discusses militarization of our skies with Carol Miller, one of the founders and president of the Peaceful Skies Coalition. The group works to oppose expanding militarization in the US and around the globe. The Peaceful Skies Coalition continues its fight against the Air Force’s efforts to turn 94,000 square miles of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and New Mexico into a low-altitude spying and warfare training area. In addition to being a long-time peace activist, Carol is a public health and social justice activist. She has held several prestigious appointments in the Clinton and Reagan administrations and served on the NM Commission on Higher Education under former Governor Bill Richardson.

Grant County Commission Special Meeting
with representative of Holloman Air Force Base
Grant County Administration Building
Tuesday / November 14th 2017 / 6pm
Rally @ 5pm

Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo is considering expanding its Special Use Airspace to train F-16 fighter pilots.  One of the alternatives being considered is to create a new Military Operations Area outside of Silver City, including over the Gila National Forest and Gila Wilderness.  The Air Force is proposing to fly 10,000 training sorties annually, including low-level flights at 500 ft above ground surface, as well as 1000 supersonic sorties.  The F-16’s will also train with air defense systems that employ chaff and flares – as many as 30,000 annually.

The Air Force did not hold a public meeting in Silver City or notify local elected officials about its proposal. Thanks to the public outcry and the efforts of local elected officials and conservation groups, the Air Force has agreed to attend a public meeting hosted by the Grant County Commission on Tuesday, November 14th / 6pm at the Grant County Commission chambers. They will brief commissioners about the Holloman proposal and accept written public comment. There will be a rally beforehand starting at 5pm.

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