Today’s Healthy Community / Pete Fronte

This week on Today’s Healthy Community, host Rebekka VanNess interviews Pete Fronte, CEO of Altura Studies and Research on clinical studies, what they are, and why should you care

Did you know that there are different types of research and not all research involves medication? Pete Fronte is the founder and President/CEO of Altura.  He shares why research, all types , are so important to the future of healthcare and how both patients and provider benefits from it. During the past 22 years Mr. Fronte has been a catalyst for developing innovative processes and technology to accelerate clinical studies for current and new medical interventions (e.g. drugs, biologics, medical devices, wearables). Mr. Fronte is a leader in expanding the participation of patients and healthcare providers by developing and providing useful technology, such as Altura’s HCP Studies™ mobile/on-line tool and Study Engagement Platform™, and to increase availability for clinical studies in primary care and organized healthcare settings internationally. Mr. Fronte is a national speaker and writer on subjects such as; site based clinical research operations, innovative patient engagement methods and the integration of clinical research within primary care and organized healthcare systems

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Today’s Healthy Community / Pete Fronte

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