GMCR Special Coverage / Black Lives Matter

February is Black History Month and WNMU‘s Center For Gender Equity is presenting a number of events in recognition.  Nelson Williams and Marilynn Grijalva are students at WNMU involved with The Center  for Gender Equity and are organizers and participants in honor of

Black Lives Matter
Western New Mexico University
Tuesday / 23 February 2016
Info tables from 9 am at
PE Complex and Martinez Hall
Evening event / Light Hall / 6:30 pm

On Friday 19 February, Nelson & Marilynn joined Kyle Johnson for a discussion of their choice of WNMU, their activism, campus life and the Black Lives Matter events.

While the American public’s interest and understanding of Black History, and indeed our general history, is often lacking, the victories of the 1960s civil rights movement have moved us – as Martin Luther King observed regarding the arc of history – toward justice.

However powerful reactionary forces in our society continue to assault and oppress minority populations while more recently undermining the protections of democracy for all of its citizens as corporate elites have looted the economy and expelled millions of Americans from the middle class.

Within these circumstances, a new movement – Black Lives Matter – has emerged to carry the struggle for justice and equality into the next stage.  It is propelled largely by a new generation of young black activists but increasingly embraced by broad swaths of the Black community and supporters within the larger activist community.

Informed by history but not beholden to conventions of past movements, Black Lives Matter has not only challenged cities and police departments across the country for their oppression and murderous violence, but has also confronted our political system in an emphatic and uncompromising manner and are having a significant impact on this presidential election cycle.  They have been a serious force in pulling the rug out from under a presumptive Clinton coronation while energizing a grassroots base that has clearly moved Bernie Sanders toward greater awareness of – and responsiveness to – Black voters.

Black Lives Matter will be broadcast

  • Saturday 20 February 2016 / ~ 11:15 am
  • Sunday 21 February 2016 / ~ 11:15 am

Or you can listen at your convenience via this link…
GMCR Special Coverage / Black Lives Matter

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