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The Real News

The Real News / 28 February 2018

The Real News Network / TRNN is a grassroots alternative video media outlet covering an extraordinary range of issues and presents an amazing and unique breadth of academics, activists, authors, experts, journalists, NGOs and individuals. Gila Mimbres Community Radio / KURU 89.1 FM is the very first Community Radio Station in the nation to present content from The Real News Network! GMCR / KURU broadcasts and webcasts The Real News […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Karen Hadden

Earth Matters co-producer and Gila Resources Information Project executive director Allyson Siwik discusses the latest proposals for high-level radioactive waste storage in southeast New Mexico / West Texas with clean energy advocate Karen Hadden, Executive Director of the Austin, TX-based Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Coalition as well as Vice-Chair of Austin’s Electric Utility Commission. Karen has led statewide campaigns to reduce toxic mercury and other coal plant pollutants; she’s halted […]

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Use Your Words!

Use Your Words! / Mark Fleischer

This week on Use Your Words, Elise Stuart interviews Mark Fleisher, author of three poetry collections... Moments in Time Intersections: Poems from the Crossroads Reflections: Soundings from the Deep Obituaries of the Living is a collaborative chapbook created with friend and colleague Dante Barry His work has appeared in numerous anthologies, in print and online. The Albuquerque resident earned a journalism degree from Ohio University and served in Vietnam with […]

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Today's Healthy Community

Today’s Healthy Community / Dr Mark Epstein

In this installment of Today's Healthy Community, your host, Rebekka VanNess, interviews Dr Mark Epstein, Chief Medical Officer of True Health New Mexico. As Chief Medical Officer at THNM, and most recently as New Mexico Health Connections’ founding CMO, Dr Epstein leads a multidisciplinary Medical Management team securing highly coordinated care for their members.  He and his team implement the companies’ programs in support of care model innovation. Prior to […]

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Today's Healthy Community

Today’s Healthy Community / Dr David Friedman

This week, Today's Healthy Community host Rebekka VanNess interviews Dr David Friedman, surgeon and health advocate here in New Mexico and beyond.  He has been engaged with the military and Indian Services as well as civilian practice in Boston and here in New Mexico. Born in New York, Dr Friedman did his undergrad, graduate, and medical school studies at Tufts University in Boston.  He did his residency in the San […]

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Use Your Words!

Use Your Words! / Stewart Warren

This week's on Use Your Words!, Elise Stuart interviews poet and publisher, Stewart Warren. Stewart Warren hit the road early to engage a life of trouble making, exploration and ceremony. Earlier in his life Stewart traveled through North America, catching rides at truck stops, small plane terminals and along farm to market roads while working his way through a variety of cultures and landscapes from Haight Ashbury to Cuernavaca. In […]

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Today's Healthy Community

Today’s Healthy Community / Dr Lucinda Miner

On this installment of Today's Healthy Community, host Rebekka VanNess has a conversation with Dr Lucinda Miner - Deputy Director of the Office of Science Policy, Engagement, Education and Communications at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Dr Miner is a leader of the Institute’s efforts to develop and provide science-based information to ensure that NHLBI’s research is both useful and implemented.  Prior to joining NHLBI, Dr Miner […]

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Civil Discourse

Civil Discourse / Senator Martin Heinrich

In this installment of Civil Discourse, host Jamie Newton interviews Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM).  The discussion took place on the morning of February 8, 2018 by audio link from his Washington, DC office as a second government shutdown loomed with a midnight deadline.  Though brief, the Senator responded to several questions of events and issues currently at the center of political attention in Washington, including: Funding for more than 10,000 […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Border Wall

Earth Matters co-producer, SWEC / Southwest Environmental Center Executive Director and KTAL Community Radio board member Kevin Bixby travels to Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas where he discusses Trump's proposed border wall with activists, dreamers, local residents and a member of Congress. This marks the debut of Kevin and SWEC as co-producers of Earth Matters and we are delighted to welcome them […]

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