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We would first like to express our thanks for the support of the audiences, talent, sponsors, venues and volunteers that have made our events so successful. They have been our primary and most consistent source of funds and we certainly wouldn’t have gotten this far without help from all corners.

We look forward to bringing you more music and a variety of speakers. Stay tuned!


Climathon: July 30-31!

PROGRAMMING IN GMCR IS MADE POSSIBLE BY ITS MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS…2811 and the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, who are hosting a Climathon in Silver City from July 30-31 at Western New Mexico University. The event includes workshops, guest speakers, site visits to compost and community garden locations, and a hackathon competition to design the best composting solution. Event details can be found at

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R Carlos Nakai Quartet
Friday / 10 November 2017 / 7pm

"Now Hear This!" We are delighted and honored to have R Carlos Nakai perform once again as a benefit for GMCR / KURU.  Those of you that saw him with Will Clipman either in the intimate living room setting or the dance hall ambience of his previous performances here will have had a prelude to RC's current direction. Please Note that reserved seating is limited.  Get your tickets early to […]

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GMCR / KURU 2017 Fall Pledge Drive!

That's Right!  It's KURU's How time flies when you're building a venerable institution to provide Music, Arts, Culture, Public Affairs and Spanish language programming and Progressive Perspectives for today, tomorrow, and the 7th Generation! Join us on Tune In to KURU / 89.1 FM Drop In at 519 B North Bullard Street - corner of 6th - in Beautiful Downtown Silver City, NM Type In to donate online, or […]

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A Community Conversation /
Opposing Violent Means to Political Ends

On Tuesday, 16 February 2016 at WNMU / Global Resource Center, Gila Resources Information Project and Gila / Mimbres Community Radio / KURU 89.1 FM presented a Community Conversation... Opposing Violent Means to Political Ends: Will Silver City be the Next Burns, Oregon? During the recent armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, supporters carrying firearms roamed the streets of nearby Burns, Oregon.  Fearing violence, Burns residents closed schools […]

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It’s Radio Thyme!

Join us at the station- 519 B North Bullard Street / Beautiful Downtown Silver City / corner of 6th - to fuel the launch of our new cookbook on Thursday / 12 November 2015 / 4-7pm These fantastic recipes are the contributions of our listeners and several of these culinary enthusiasts and GMCR / KURU supporters will prepare and present their dishes for your enjoyment!  Bellissimo! Radio Thyme is the […]

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Thank you, Tom Holt!

GMCR / KURU is proud to announce that esteemed Silver City artist, teacher and mentor, Tom Holt, has kindly and generously donated one of his exceptional landscape paintings to Gila / Mimbres Community Radio and one of you may become the proud owner!  Voila! Tom's paintings are displayed in galleries and sought after by art patrons here in Southwest New Mexico and across the country.  He is an avid nature […]

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GMCR & KURU’s 2015 Fall Pledge Drive

Thanks to your generous support, GMCR launched KURU 89.1 FM and we are now close approaching two years of 24/7 FM broadcast! Whodathunkit? One of the spark plugs of our pledge drive is Challenge Donations where those with deeper pockets urge us to collectively match their generosity. We thank them profusely for their support and encouragement. Lynda Aiman-Smith Charlie Alfero El Gallo Pinto Susan Golightly Jamie & Marion Newton and […]

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Herb & Flower Fiesta / 2015

The Monsoons are upon us, Summer is in full bloom, and it's time for the... Yes, we snuck those herbs in for this, our 3rd Annual Fiesta, and we will begin with an invitation for you to join us at the The Volunteer Center Friday 14 August 2015 / 9am - 4:30pm for a whole day devoted to Classes Using Herbs for Food and Medicine, including... 9am / Seven Primary […]

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Singer / Songwriter Candy Lee

How do we do it? Captivating artists just show up and next thing you know...  we're puttin' on a show! GMCR / KURU invites you to... Seating is limited.  Don't be disappointed! Purchase Candy Lee Tickets via PayPal Select the # of tix and click the button 1 ticket $10.00 USD 2 tickets $20.00 USD 3 tickets $30.00 USD 4 tickets $40.00 USD Visit for more info.

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