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GMCR Special Coverage

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Debating the Future Direction of Grant County

In an election cycle in which the course of the nation could be radically altered at the federal level, no less an upheaval might also occur in Grant County where its commission enlarged itself from 3 to 5 members and three of these seats are on the ballot.  A slate of three Democrats under the PVA / Progressive Voters Alliance banner swept the primary with victories in all three districts. […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

GMCR Special Coverage /
Sandia National Laboratories Director Jill Hruby at WNMU

Jill Hruby is the current Director of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM.  Along with Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia is in the vanguard of US nuclear weapons research, development, monitoring, security and a myriad of services for nuclear and national security issues. Sandia is also a leader in many other fields with domestic applications, including micro-engineering, energy studies, nuclear nonproliferation technology, solar applications, and security and resiliency of cities. […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

GMCR Special Coverage / Black Lives Matter

February is Black History Month and WNMU's Center For Gender Equity is presenting a number of events in recognition.  Nelson Williams and Marilynn Grijalva are students at WNMU involved with The Center  for Gender Equity and are organizers and participants in honor of Black Lives Matter Western New Mexico University Tuesday / 23 February 2016 Info tables from 9 am at PE Complex and Martinez Hall Evening event / Light […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

GMCR Special Coverage
Municipal Election Candidate Statements

It has been said that an informed electorate is essential to a functional democracy.  In keeping with this sage observation, GMCR & KURU have invited all candidates for the Silver City, Santa Clara, Bayard, & Hurley municipal elections on Tuesday 1 March 2016 to record candidate statements not to exceed 5 minutes.  Click the names of the candidates to listen to their statements. The Candidates for Silver City are... Mayor […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

Candidate Statements
Town of Silver City Election / Tuesday 3 March 2015

GMCR considers an informed electorate to be an indispensable element in a democratic society so we are pleased to present Candidate Statements for the upcoming Silver City Municipal Elections on Tuesday 3 March 2015. The candidates are incumbent Cynthia Bettison and challenger Ron Perez in District 1 and incumbent Jose Ray running unopposed in District 3. We thank them all for accepting our invitation to make statements of up to […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

Silver Consolidated Schools / Board Meeting – 17 February 2015

Welcome to our special coverage of the Silver Consolidated Schools Board Meeting. In the election of February 3rd, the challengers for the two contested seats won by large margins but the underlying issues which drove voters to the polls in an unusually high turnout remain unresolved. With the exception of approximately 10 seconds when the board returned from their executive session during the "work session," both the work session and […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

Aldo Students Ella Jaz Kirk, Michael Sebastian Mahl & Ella Sala Myers

A celebration of the lives of  Ella Jaz Kirk, Michael Sebastian Mahl and Ella Sala Myers was held at the WNMU Fine Arts Center Theater on Sunday June 01 / 2pm It was an overwhelming show of support for grieving families and a community shocked by the sudden and staggering losses.  And the healing process will take a long time but for now we will try to resume our "normal" […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

Salt of the Earth – 60th Anniversary / Rachel Valencia

Welcome to GMCR's coverage of the 60th Anniversary of the release of Salt of the Earth and the actual events that are depicted in this landmark film. We are proud to present an interview with Rachel Valencia who, as a teenager, held the line against mining company intimidation, a corrupt legal system and ultimately government violence in the form of Grant County Sheriffs  who literally assaulted her with their cars […]

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GMCR Special Coverage

Salt of the Earth – 60th Anniversary / Dr Luis Quinones

Yes, it is upon us... The 60th Anniversary of the release of the landmark film, Salt of the Earth which tells the story of the Empire Mine Strike. It is difficult to separate the gravity and significance of the film itself from the actual events upon which it is based as the both events and their cinematic portrayal have unique and shared historical significance.  And that both of these extraordinary […]

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