March Fundraiser 2021 Roundup

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Thank you so much to all of our listeners who donated to GMCR/KURU 89.1 FM during our 2021 On-Air Spring Fundraiser. We know that this past year has been a difficult one for so many and we still raised just over $8000 for which we are very grateful.

If you have not yet donated or become a member and are able to do so, it is never too late and always appreciated. Previous Spring Fundraisers raised $12,000 and this year we have additional expenses: the replacement of aging equipment at our station and improving the infrastructure up at our tower.

We count on each and every donation from our community to keep the station on the air and continue broadcasting great programs 24/7. From local issues on social justice and environmentalism, local art in the form of poetry, prose, music, theater and more, to national viewpoints and curated music sets – GMCR is here to be your voice and your choice.

As exemplified by the audio below, we are here to provide a spotlight on all things wonderful about our community and beyond:

Earth Matters

In this roundtable discussion with Earth Matter’s hosts Kevin Bixby, Donna Stevens and Allyson Siwik discuss episodes from the past year with topics ranging from creosote bush, biodiversity and the tragic New Mexico bird die-off of Fall 2020. Included are highlights from select episodes and look forward to what 2021 has in store for Earth Matter’s.

Kindred Continuum

In this roundtable with the hosts of GMCR’s latest shows, Kindred Continuum, we’ll discuss what the show is, what each host brings to the show and highlights from the past year. We are joined by hosts Laura Ramnerace, Joe Sainz and Sam Costello. Soroya, the fourth host, was not able to make it.

Community Spotlight

Check out the first episode of our latest show, Community Spotlight with Candice Burke! In the inaugural episode, host Candice Burke is joined by the crew from the Grant County Community Foundation

Silver City Community Theater Radio Hour

We were privileged this year to be provided three hours worth of performances from the Silver City Community Theater. With help from Wendy Spurgon and her players at the theater and Aldo Leopold Middle School, our community was treated to three days worth recreations of classics from the Golden Age of radio. You’ll not only be blown away by their performances, but by the fact that all of these were recorded over Zoom. 

Now you can listen to all three hours below:

Day 1

In the first episode of the Silver City Community Theater Radio Hour, we are treated to three renditions of radio classics Who’s On First?, The Tenth Planet, and the Bickersons

Day 2

In the second episode, we have a performance from the students at Aldo Leopold Middle School with the Mad Tea Party. Following that, a performance of Father Knows Best from the players at the Silver City Community Theater

Day 3

On the final day of our fundraiser, the Silver City Community Theater indulges us with a performance from a show that sits on the pantheon of the Golden Age of radio: Dragnet

Greg Renfro

Listen below as GMCR staple Jeanie McLerie interviews local talent and heck-of-a singer/songwriter Greg Renfro

Dustin Hammon

Listen below as Silver City’s very own Dustin Hamman is interview by the irreverent yet charming Myrtle

Written by: GMCR KURU 89.1 FM

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Earth Matters

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