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Kindred Continuum

New Earth Kids: Youth Activism in the March to End Fossil Fuel Use AND Beautifying Bayard

Host Nan Franzblau joins youth activists as they lead Grant County residents in a march to end the use of fossil fuels, adding their voices to the global movement.  The kids share their concerns about climate change, what inspires their activism, and what others can do to make a difference.  In the second half of New Earth Kids, we'll hear a roundtable discussion with residents of Bayard who enlisted an […]

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FM signal is down for now, still streaming online

If you're coming to our website because you noticed that our FM signal isn't working, we're sorry for the inconvenience. But don't worry! We aren't down completely, you can still listen to KURU 89.1 FM on this very website! Just click the green "Listen" button above this post. We'll keep you updated once we have things back up and running. Thank you for supporting community radio!

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Tuesday Morning Beat


Tuesday Morning Beat host Maree McHugh conversation with  Freida Adams RN, Medical Director of Border Servants Corp Asylum Shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Frieda explains the experience of asylum seekers who come to the shelter, and tells us of her many years providing humanitarian aid and medical care.

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Tuesday Morning Beat

Tuesday Morning Beat – “:Where Dreams Die” – Interview with Artist Alvaro Enciso

Artist Alvaro Enciso discusses "Where Dreams Die" - creating and placing crosses on the Sonoran desert to mark the places where migrants have perished, crossing the US border.   Host: Maree McHugh contact: Resources: Human Borders - Frontera Aid collective - email: Southern border Communities coalition - No More Deaths/ No Mas Muertes -

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Tuesday Morning Beat

LGBTQIA Social Justice Issues – discussion with Scott Plate

Tuesday Morning Beat host Maree McHugh interview with  Grant County LGBTQ Board of Directors  member Scott Plate. Scott Plate discusses current challenges that face the LGBTQIA community, and how to move forward with empowerment and  support. For more information: Contact Grant County LGBTQ  at; email; Call 575-777-0647 if no answer please leave a message Mark your calendars for Silver City Pride Festival September 9th from 11 am to […]

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Sally Grayson Interview

Stay Sturdy Radio's Kye Kase is joined by Sally Grayson, who passed  through Silver City recently on her current tour. Find out more about Sally Grayson at and on Instagram @_sallygrayson_ Listen below:

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Tuesday Morning Beat

Tuesday Morning Beat – “The 1917 El Paso Bath Riots”

Host Maree McHugh  interviews  writer/author Meagan O'Toole Pitts and artist/illustrator  Ashton Kayleigh about the newly published children's book about the 1917 El Paso Bath Riots. entitled "Carmelita". The story tells of the heroic young woman Carmelita Torres  who protested forced disinfection of Mexican people  crossing the Santé Fe bridge to work in El Paso.  The book is written in English and Spanish languages. O'Toole Pitts discusses the political influences and […]

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Kindred Continuum

New Earth Kids: The Good Work of the YCC (Part II)

This episode is Part II of a two-part series featuring kids working for the Youth Conservation Corps.  Host Nan Franzblau talks with kids from the YCC Water Harvesting, Trail, and Eco-monitoring Crews, who describe the projects they're working on, how these projects impact the community, and what they're learning, not only from the manual work but through working in groups and leading others.  

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