Back To The Garden / Terry Song

Jean’s guest is Terry Song, a writer/poet and life-long gardener from a multi-generational farming family, who now lives and gardens in the Mimbres Valley.  She’ll share with us the planning work she does in the winter to create the most successful summer garden – and she’ll share some of her garden poetry! 

Jean is a UPI-award-winning radio feature reporter in her first-ever live interview show – devoted to supporting chronic and continuing gardeners, beginning gardeners, and others who’d like to make their lives work more harmoniously with nature. A self-proclaimed “gardening student,” Jean is a passive solar designer, certified Permaculture designer, and solar cooking advocate, specializing in the creation of harmonious relationships between home, yard, garden, sun, wind, water and more.

Back To The Garden broadcasts live every

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    but if you’re not able to catch the show at one of these times, the podcast will be available a day or two after the live broadcast which you can listen to at your convenience –
    Back To The Garden / Terry Song
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