Earth Matters / Jim Brooks & David Propst

Donna Stevens, Executive Director of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, hosts this week’s Earth Matters program. Her guests are fish biologists Jim Brooks and David Propst.

These eminently qualified biologists have been highly critical of the NM Interstate Stream Commission’s plan to divert the Gila River, citing the ISC’s failure to use the best available science or to adhere to the standard of peer reviewed research.  Brooks and Propst talk about the imperiled native fish of the Gila River, including the endangered spikedace and loach minnow, the importance of maintaining the flow regime to which these species are adapted, and the impacts a diversion would have on the Gila’s native fish populations.  Last but not least, they debunk the ISC’s claim that a Gila River diversion could actually improve fish habitat.

Brooks retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service after almost 30 years of service and is now a research associate of the UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology. Propst worked for 26 years with the NM Department of Game & Fish as the Native Fish Section Supervisor.  Currently he’s an adjunct professor and senior researcher at the Museum of Southwestern Biology.  Jim and David have extensive experience investigating the biology and ecology of native and nonnative fishes throughout the Southwest and Mexico.  Much of that work involved assessing and mitigating the effects of human caused alterations on aquatic systems.  Their work has been published in numerous scientific journals.

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Earth Matters / Jim Brooks & David Propst

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