Earth Matters / Peter Bill on Art & Environment

Donna Stevens – Executive Director of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance – interviews Peter Bill – new media professor at WNMU / Western New Mexico University.

Gila River Festival Monsoon Puppet Parade / 2013GRF2013Parade-936x328

This edition of Earth Matters is a bit of a departure from the usual format.  Peter Bill is a grf_150917_logofilmmaker and the mastermind and organizer of the first Gila Time-Lapse Film Festival – part of the 11th Annual Gila River Festival, occurring September 24th – 27th, 2015 in Silver City and the Gila National Forest.   Rather than discussing specific conservation issues as is typical, their discussion examines time-lapse films, other arts related aspects of the festival, filmmaker Godfrey Reggio and his renowned Qatsi trilogy, and the nexus of New Media, Activism, Environment, and the human condition.

Visit the Gila Conservation Coalition website (http://www NULL.gilaconservation for the festival schedule, guest speakers, events and registration.

Please note that beginning in September 2015, Earth Matters will be broadcast
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at 10am and Thursday at 8pm.
The program is currently in production and when it is available you can listen at your convenience via the link below.
Earth Matters / Peter Bill on Art & Environment

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