Gender Trouble / Emma Bailey & Lydia Huerta

Gender Trouble!This week Gender Trouble is hosting two Western New Mexico University professors: Dr Lydia Huerta, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Dr Emma G Bailey, Professor of Sociology.  Both are Co-Directors of The Center for Gender Equity.

The discussion covers the breadth and importance of the The Center and its services to the local community and the backgrounds and accomplishments of these two professors.  The discussion also addresses  LGBTQI feminists issues, social and cultural trends, and the struggle for equality for all.

Dr Bailey has worked in neighborhoods in Ciudad Juarez and shares her experiences there.  Dr Huerta brings to us experience and knowledge concerning multicultural issues. These are topics that should be important for our state and a community where the majority of the population comes from two diverse cultures.  We all need to learn about each other and to learn how to work and live better together.

Susan Golightly holds a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on counseling and gender studies. Susan is a long time activist for the rights of all oppressed minorities.  And, of course, your host for Gender Trouble.

Gender Trouble airs Thursdays at 4pm.

Or listen at your convenience via this link…
Gender Trouble! / Emma Bailey & Lydia Huerta

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