Hearing Voices / Eli Kronen on Albuquerque Protest of Police Brutality

Twenty-seven people have been shot to death by Albuquerque police officers since 2010 – that’s about the same number as in NYC in the same time period (with 15 times the population).  El Paso, a border town a little more populous than Albuquerque, had five officer-related shootings in the same time period.

The City and Police department have been unresponsive to a series of complaints and demonstrations and these demonstrations and protests continue.

Eli Kronen is an Albuquerque resident who has been involved in the organization of these protests and speaks to the issue on this edition of Hearing Voices.

The upcoming protest march and rally takes place on June 21st 2014 starting at Roosevelt Park in Albuquerque.  Visit their facebook page for details and updates.  A flyer for the event is here – right click and “Save As.”

The podcast is available for listening at your convenience at the following link…
Hearing Voice / Eli Kronen on Albuquerque Protest of Police Brutality

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