Silver Consolidated Schools / 15 December 2015

Welcome to our special coverage of the Silver Consolidated Schools Board Meeting on Tuesday 15 December 2015.

The matter of the display of large Confederate flags on the vehicles of students – parked immediately adjacent to Cliff High School – that was addressed in last month’s meeting was met not just with stony silence by the majority of the SCS board, but by a challenge from board member Tony Egan that the matter could not even be discussed in Open Public Comment.  Not surprising, given that Egan, backed by board member Arnold Torres declared intention to eliminate Open Public Comment altogether, and indeed that item was on the agenda for a “1st reading” in this meeting.

Visit these links for print coverage of the meeting…

This link is for gavel to gavel coverage to the point where the meeting was adjourned for the executive session.

Silver Consolidated Schools / Board Meeting 15 December 2015

The agenda is available from the SCS website.

The following are times in the recording when various agenda items were discussed…

  • 0:00:00 I    Call To Order
  • 0:01:10   II    Approval of Minutes
  • 0:03:30  III    Approval of Agenda
  • 0:04:00  IV    Information/Presentations (Non-Action Items)
  • 0:34:55   IV / A / 4    SCEA
  • 1:03:28   IV / B / 4 / a    1st Reading: Proposed Changes to Policy BEDB Agenda
  • 1:16:05    V    Limited Public Comment
  • 1:31:08    VI. Action Items / Recess
  • 1:46:41    Return from Recess / VII. Future Meetings & Proposed Agenda Items
  • 1:47:19    VIII. Open Public Comment
  • 2:06:40   IX. Executive Session
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