Dharma on the Back Porch

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Candice Burke and George Carr have invited Allan Cooper for a series of discussions about meditation, Buddhism, and how or if they may be helpful in our daily lives.

Candice and George have long felt that practical and common sense information about Dharma and meditation would be helpful if it could be more accessible to the average meditator. Both have thought it would be useful to present the practice of meditation and Buddhism in a way that is conversational rather than in the formal ways that it is so often presented.

Using the common art of conversation this show will explore with some detail combined with life examples some ways to explore what we know, what we don’t know, and what we think we know and don’t about these very important practices.





Allan’s practice began in 1973 in India, and since 1986 he has taken one to three months every year for formal practice, in the U.S., Nepal and Burma. He has studied with the most prominent monastic and lay teachers of this linage here in the States and elsewhere. This list includes, but is not limited to; the Venerable Sayadaw U Pandita and Joseph Goldstein, and the Venerable Sayadaw U Vivekananda, abbot of Panditarama International Meditation Center Lumbini, Nepal. Allan served as a hospice and mental health nurse for approximately 20 years.

His book A Householder’s Vinaya With Home and Sangha Retreat Guides is available for free download at or for purchase at in both eBook and paperback formats. All royalties are donated to Buddhist Global Relief Fund.


Candice & George

George Carr and Candice Burke have lived in Silver City for five years. They are both on the Board of Directors of KURU and participate in many other civic and local volunteer activities. Both consider themselves as meditators and lay Buddhist practitioners.


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