Ideas discussed at Hometown Initiative Event

John Fridinger is a member of a committee planning to form a community radio station.

“We’ve been learning the particulars of community radio and the bylaws needed.”  Fridinger said.”Other stations around the country have given us information and helped us learn how to support a non-profit station.  We will have to buy an existing FM station .  We need member and underwriter support and grants for initial funding.

The committee is seeking two revenue sources – one to buy the station and a second to fund ongoing operations.

We’re 15% on the way with our funding.”  Fridinger said.  “We will have investors who are willing to give chunks of money.  We have to buy a license and that will increase in value over time.  We expect a good return on investment and investors can expect payback within five to seven years.”

Thanks to John Fridinger for wading in here.

 A PDF is available here.