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“We’ve only just begun…”

We consider our first mention in the 10 October 2005 edition of the Silver City Daily Press to be auspicious as it occurred in the context of a forum to address a number of economic, environmental, public safety, sustainable development, and yes, media issues by a broad cross section of of citizens and activists reflecting the diversity and creativity of Grant County.

Links to that article and others since – including coverage in our local entertainment and issues monthly, Desert Exposure – are listed below.

GMCR in the Media

Desert Exposure / October 2011

For Kyle Johnson, Gila/Mimbres Community Radio is only the latest stop on the dial in a career that's taken him from TV and movies to "Radio Free Silver." Story and Photos by Richard Mahler Tuning In Don't worry, Kyle Johnson assures me, running fingers through his short gray hair, KURU-FM is coming. "What we think will happen by the end of this year," the board member and secretary-treasurer of Gila/Mimbres […]

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Photo Credit - Grant County Beat

GMCR in the Media

Grant County Beat / 9 February 2011 / CP!

Gila / Mimbres Community Radio Has Permit to Build Station Gila-Mimbres Community Radio secretary/ treasurer Kyle Johnson told supporters at a Tuesday evening meeting at Javalina that a construction permit for the radio had been granted by the FCC, and fundraising would begin in earnest. After a three-year wait, the Gila/Mimbres Community Radio corporation, a New Mexico and federal 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, has received a construction permit from the Federal […]

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Photo Credit - Silver City Sun-News

GMCR in the Media

Silver City Sun-News / 5 May 2007 / Silco de Mayo

This article covers our first fundraising event as we geared up to apply for our FCC NC/E - Non-Commercial / Educational - full power FM license in the filing window of October 2007. In December 2010, just a few days before Christmas, we finally received our CP - Construction Permit, a major milestone and vindication of all our efforts since 2005. It also gives some background on the events that […]

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GMCR in the Media

Silver City Daily Press / 12 October 2005 / Hometown Initiative

Ideas discussed at Hometown Initiative Event John Fridinger is a member of a committee planning to form a community radio station. "We've been learning the particulars of community radio and the bylaws needed."  Fridinger said."Other stations around the country have given us information and helped us learn how to support a non-profit station.  We will have to buy an existing FM station .  We need member and underwriter support and […]

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Gila Mimbres Community Radio KURU 89.1 FM – 519 B North Bullard Street Silver City, NM 88061