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Locals Only! includes all of our locally produced programs. Some of these are produced by GMCR and others are in cooperation with the program hosts and Community Partner organizations.

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Locals Only!

Say No To Monsanto

Silver City joined 41 countries and hundreds of cities around the world on Saturday 25 May 2013 to Say No To Monsanto. A protest march and demonstration through downtown Silver City and around the perimeter of the Blues Festival in Gough Park took place at noon.  Beginning and ending at Energy Ideal on Bullard and College, approximately 150 Grant County residents joined the throng.  Alex Gonzales and Gabe Farley, recent graduates […]

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Locals Only!

Memory Lane Lives

Memory Lane Lives is a coming live public event on Monday 27 May 2013 4 - 7pm Memory Lane Cemetery South of Hwy 180 on Memory Lane in Silver City, NM The Public is invited and it is free of charge It will feature dramatic presentations of some of the areas prominent historical figures that now reside in the Memory Lane Cemetery. Local thespians and volunteers will portray these often […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Townside Farm & CSAs

Community Supported Agriculture - otherwise referred to as “CSA” - is an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. Doug Smith of Townside Farm, a CSA located on Little Walnut Road in Silver City, is our guest on this week's program.  Allyson Siwik, Executive Director of Gila Resources Information Project, is your host and they discuss how the Townside Farm CSA works,  CSAs in general, the organic and […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Dr Kathy Whiteman

This week’s installment of Earth Matters features Kathy Whiteman, director of Western New Mexico University’s Outdoor Program, and the former Executive Director of Gila Conservation Education Center, interviewed by Donna Stevens, co-producer of Earth Matters and Executive Director of Upper Gila Watershed Alliance. Dr Whiteman and Ms Stevens discuss ecological literacy, and how TV nature shows are raising a generation of children who can recite factoids about rainforest animals they […]

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El Refugio

Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence / Part 5

This is the 5th in El Refugio's Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence series to acknowledge October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In this final installment, we hear from Deputy Steve Reese, Sam Lowen a retired hospital technician who has seen the victims of domestic violence for decades, John Carter on the staff of El Refugio and Ken Cooper - longtime El Refugio supporter.  As the other men that spoke […]

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Locals Only!

Messin’ With Herbs / 11 November 2012

This week's program focuses on one of herbalism's most popular and common plants - Echinacea.  Native to North America and having been in use for hundreds of years, it is one of the most widely used, studied and at times controversial medicinal herbs.  Fall is the perfect time to harvest Echinacea and Monica Rude and Naava Koenigsberg discuss the characteristics of the different species, their use as medicine and interaction […]

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El Refugio

Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence / Part 4

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and El Refugio continues with the fourth in a series of programs titled Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. In this week's installment Kevin Flamm, Angel Torres, Albert Davalos, Ricky Villalobos and Gabriel Ramos raise their voices to oppose this terrible and all too common occurrence and ask that you stand with them and do the same to create a united front against this scourge. […]

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Locals Only!

Messin’ With Herbs / 1 November 2012

This week's program is All About Garlic - how to plant and cultivate it, characteristics of different species, amending the soil, care throughout the growing season, weed management, storage, health benefits, herbal remedies, food use including roast garlic and making dried granulated garlic. Messin' With Herbs airs regularly on Monday and Wednesday at 10am & 8pm. Or you can click below to listen to this installment any time. Messin' With […]

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Community Partners

Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence / Part 3

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and El Refugio continues with the third in a series of programs titled Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. In this week's installment Eugene Bustillos, Sheriff Raul Villanueva and County Prosecutor George Zsoka convey some of the harrowing and all too common accounts of deomestic violence and it's enduring and often crippling aftermath. Others in the series are figures well known in the community […]

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