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Frontier Justice

Frontier Justice / Chris Debolt

This week on Frontier Justice, Judge Tim Aldrich & Mayor Ken Ladner have a discussion with Chris DeBolt with the New Mexico Alliance of Health Councils.  The topics include Trauma Informed understanding in our school communities through the movie, Paper Tiger. Her background includes 43 years of professional experience and civic activism as broad as working in the fields of community organizations, mental health, child abuse and neglect, criminal justice […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters / No Boots, No Beds, No Wall

Donna Stevens of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance interviews Johana Bencomo of NM CAFé, or Comunidades en Acción y de Fé, and Kevin Bixby from the Southwest Environment Center on the social and environmental impacts of US border and immigration policy. One of the Trump administration’s first actions was to begin the deportation of immigrants, destabilizing border communities and creating a climate of fear. Trump is also charging ahead with […]

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The Real News

The Real News / 16 August 2017

The Real News Network / TRNN is a grassroots alternative video media outlet covering an extraordinary range of issues and presents an amazing and unique breadth of academics, activists, authors, experts, journalists, NGOs and individuals. Gila Mimbres Community Radio / KURU 89.1 FM is the very first Community Radio Station in the nation to present content from The Real News Network! GMCR / KURU broadcasts and webcasts The Real News […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Denise Fort

Earth Matters co-producer and GRIP executive director Allyson Siwik talks to environmental and water law attorney Denise Fort about progress toward environmental sustainability, including climate change, water issues and defending the EPA. Denise has an extensive background in environmental and natural resources law - 40 years of practice, politics, reflecting and writing about policies, all animated by a belief that society must turn toward a more sustainable relationship with its […]

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Frontier Justice

Frontier Justice / Welcome!

GMCR & KURU are honored to present our latest program - Judge Tim Aldrich & Mayor Ken Ladner are your hosts and guides as we embark on a journey of discovery to the frontiers of justice in weekly discussions with a range of guests with backgrounds and expertise in social services, civic involvement, and citizen activism. In this program, our maiden voyage, Mayor Ladner and Judge Aldrich lay out some […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Michael Robinson

On this week’s program, Donna Stevens of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance talks with Michael Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity about Mexican gray wolves, the most endangered carnivore in North America. The Mexican gray wolf reintroduction program, which began in 1998, is nowhere near achieving its goal of recovering the species, and may in fact be moving in the direction of extinction. Lack of genetic diversity, too few […]

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