Civil Discourse / Senator Martin Heinrich – April 2014

In April of 2014, Civil Discourse creator and host, Jamie Newton, interviewed New Mexico’s US senator, Martin Heinrich.  The broadcast was delayed as plans for a regular schedule for Civil Discourse were considered but other conflicts prevented that outcome for the time being.

On May 20th 2015, Jamie interviewed Senator Heinrich once again and both interviews will run sequentially according to the schedule below.  You can also listen to the program at your convenience via the podcast following the schedule.

Civil Discourse / Martin Heinrich will air on:

  • Wednesday 20 May 2015 / ~ 6:20pm
  • Thursday 21 May 2015 / 9pm
  • Friday 22 May 2015 / 4:30pm
  • Saturday 23 May 2015 / ~ 10am following Travelers in the Night
  • Sunday 24 May 2015 /~ 6:15pm following Edicion Seminaria

Or listen to the podcast via the following link at your convenience…

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