Earth Matters / Michael Robinson & Jaguar Critical Habitat

Environmental Challenges are legion but some are more obscure than others. A particularly poignant case is the matter of the jaguar in Southwest New Mexico. Hunted to a point approaching extermination, they have maintained themselves in the southern part of their historical range… a range that once spanned from coast to coast and well north of the US-Mexico border.

Michael Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity has been fighting bureaucratic inertia – or worse – to have their protection enforced under the Endangered Species Act primarily through protection of their critical habitat.

Donna Stevens of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance interviews Michael on the myriad aspects of the challenges to their survival.

It’s a battle that can be won, but not without hard work and public support such as your engagement in the current public comment period to advocate for their survival.

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Earth Matters / Michael Robinson

You can also read Michael’s article on Jaguar Critical Habitat at Common Dreams.

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