Earth Matters / Alicia Edwards on the Volunteer Center


This week’s edition of Earth MattersAllyson Siwik interviews Alicia Edwards, Executive Director of The Volunteer Center on Hunger and Food Security in Grant County.

It’s shocking to learn that in our country – the richest nation in the world – millions of people do not have enough to eat.  1 in 5 kids in America – 16 million children —live in families that struggle to put food on the table. Here in New Mexico the situation is worse: 1 in 3 children experience hunger. Every week, more than 40,000 New Mexicans across the state seek food assistance.

In this program, we’ll learn more from Alicia about the role of The Volunteer Center in alleviating hunger in our community and we’ll also discuss the broader concept of food security and what that means in the short-term, as well as long-term, especially as we work to build resiliency in our food systems.

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Earth Matters / Alicia Edwards on the Volunteer Center

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