Earth Matters / Travel Management in the Gila National Forest

Travel Management sounds boring, but couldn’t be more important. Earth Matters co-producer Donna Stevens of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance hosts this week’s program with Cyndi Tuell, conservation advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity.

Listen in on their discussion of the Travel Management process, currently being worked on by the Gila National Forest, which will designate a system of roads that protects our natural resources while still allowing ample recreational access. The Forest Service plans to leave open more than 3,300 miles of roads, enough to drive from San Diego to Maine! But some misguided politicians want to leave open all roads, continuing the destruction of the Gila National Forest. What are they thinking?!

Earth Matters/Travel Management in the Gila National Forest

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Earth Matters / Cindi Tuell on the Gila National Forest Travel Management Plan

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