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On October 6, the NM state legislature’s Interim Water and Natural Resources Committee met at Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM.  One of the items on their agenda was the Arizona Water Settlements Act (AWSA).

At the end of this year, New Mexico must notify the Secretary of the Interior if it will move forward with a Gila River division project under the AWSA.  The Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) will decide if it will pursue a diversion project or instead use AWSA funding to implement non-diversion conservation, efficiency, and sustainable wear management alternatives to meet water needs in southwest New Mexico.  The ISC is in the middle of its decision process which began in August and will culminate in its decision in November.

This week on Earth Matters we bring you the presentations from the IWNRC’s AWSA discussion: Interstate Stream Commission deputy director Craig Roepke, former Interstate Stream Commission director Norm Gaume, UNM professor Mark Stone, and retired NM Department of Game and Fish biologist Dr. David Propst.

Norm Gaume’s IWNRC testimony is available on the Protect The Gila website via this link.

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Earth Matters / Interim Water & Natural Resources Committee

An additional podcast of the Q&A following the presentations is available via this link.
Earth Matters / Interim Water & Natural Resources Committee Q&A

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