Earth Matters / Nathan Newcomer on NM Wilderness Alliance

In this week’s installment Earth Matters co-host Donna Stevens of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance interviews Nathan NewcomerNM Wilderness Alliance Grassroots Organizer for the Gila Region.

They discuss NM Wild’s mission, projects and goals, the significance and benefits of wilderness areas, and the criteria and process whereby wild landscapes obtain designation as wilderness areas and national monuments.  Newcomer sets the record straight on the many misconceptions about activities prohibited and permitted in wilderness areas.

Stevens and Newcomer also discuss the importance of the 50th Anniversary of The  Wilderness Act, which occurs in 2014 and extended the vision of Aldo Leopold who championed the designation of the Gila as the very first officially declared wilderness area in the world.  Learn what celebrations are planned for the anniversary of this far-reaching legislation and how you can participate.

Newcomer is not only a guest on the show but starting in September he will join Donna and Allyson Siwik of Gila Resources Information Project as part of the Earth Matters production team and a rotating cohost.

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Earth Matters / Nathan Newcomer on New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

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